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How can my business benefit from Klaim Soft?.

If you are new to software development, you probably have no idea how it works or what it can do for you. It is alright – you are not the first person to ask us about the process. We believe we have the knowledge, education and experience to handle your project, as well as your dedication to ensure that it will exceed your expectations. A deeply customized business software solution will add to the process efficiency and boost it through basic process automation. It takes knowledge to properly automate business processes though. But once we are done with it, you will have a customized software that allows building an ensure system around the current processes. It took you a while to develop each process within your business, so make sure you actually keep your business on top by revamping these processes when needed. It is all about evolution and improvement.

Will I go over budget?

Not with us. Custom software solutions are, well, custom. In other words, each project is unique, so budgeting for it can be tricky. We have a process that allows us to get as close as possible to the reality. Moreover, we have a transparent business, so you will see how every coin is spent and what it goes for. We can provide accurate quotes that no one can beat.

How will you manage my project?

There are a few different methodologies that most custom software developers – including us – count on. The industry is relatively young, so there is plenty of debate regarding which one is better. Some developers claim on one, while others would sweat by another. Here at Klaim Soft, we use all methodologies and we efficiently combine them for successful results.

Am I getting a contract?

Our collaboration with you is a business collaboration, so there will obviously be a contract with all the terms and conditions. There are a series of contracts to choose from. It normally depends on what kind of project you have. We will also advise you on what we think it might be better for you, yet the final decision will always belong to you. We aim to create a fair collaboration and many times, we let the balance hang on our customers' sides. We know that happy customers represent a growing business, so this is one of our missions.

Can my project go behind schedule?

If you choose a new company to do it for you, it might. We have years of experience. When we get a new project, we analyze our current projects first in the attempt to provide accurate estimates. We brake it down in a series of smaller projects and figure out the time needed for each of them. On top of all these, we give ourselves some extra time for unexpected situations. With us, chances are your project will be ahead schedule.

Can you tell me what I need?

We do this with most of our customers. We even help those who know what they need. We can make suggestions based on their future growth plans and necessities. However, the final decision will always belong to you.

Why would I choose you and not another company?

We have introduced you to what we do and how we do it. We have introduced you to our team, our principles and the way we work. We will not ask you to work for us but check out our reviews, testimonials, and recommendations. We strongly recommend going with a company based on past customers' reviews, as those are the most real sources of information. From this point of view, our records are simply perfect.

What is my role in the project if I choose you for it?

We actually expect our customers to be deeply involved in their projects. We want to maintain a tight collaboration with you throughout the entire project. Obviously, some people are more involved than others. Some people want to oversee everything, while others entrust us with your vision. No matter which category you fit it, we are totally flexible and will most likely sort everything out from our first meetings. Our communication will be tighter as we reach the end of the project. After all, you are the one bringing the expertise in – without you, we would not know what to do.