Introducing you to a constantly evolving business environment


Your goal is out goal – we can only work together to achieve it

T he most successful ideas on the market will always improve and keep evolving. Ever since we entered the age of technology, things simply do not settle down. Technology is less likely to stand still too soon and neither should you – or better said your business. Let us discover together a world of continuous development, improvement, and longterm delivery.
Our services are tailored to your business. We give you the opportunity to deliver new features round the clock, not to mention pushing functionality to a new level and improving your customer benefits. All these things revolve around what really matters – business value. Our services can help you respond to your clients' constantly changing necessities and preferences, as well as their priorities. Your longterm goals can be achieved starting today.

Maria Jacobs

Web Coder

Maria Jacobs has joined our team at Klaim Soft in 2016. She has quickly become one of the leading developers in our team.

In terms of personal life, she enjoys traveling and exploring places that she has never been too before. She is the happy owner of a basset hound and spends her weekends going out with friends or just chilling with a film.

Proud to work with Klaim Soft, as our values are pretty much the same.

Ana Joseph

Software Coder

Ana Joseph is not just our main software coder, but she is also one of the co-founders and works as a project leader.

Her real life is as exciting as her work life. She is happily married and has two kids – Joshua and Michael – and she shares her place with her husband, two cats and a dog. She spends her free time with her family.

Never guessed this project would go so far, but I am thrilled to push farther.

Tony Atkins

PHP Coder

Tony Atkins has joined Klaim Soft in 2017 to fill a position that allows us to expand our horizons and pursue more sophisticated projects.

He is excited for the opportunity, but he also gives back just as much. He likes fixing things in his spare time and works on customizing his own car. He is the happy father of a French bulldog, who he shares most of his time.

A great team, great projects and an amazing service for our customers.